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The Roots of Faith

A chronological Bible survey of God's redemptive plan, consisting of two courses: The Roots of Faith–Old Testament and The Roots of Faith–New Testament. Altogether these courses include lessons that feature 100 key Bible events in 25 major Bible eras, from Genesis through Revelation.

25 Eras & 100 Events

In The Roots of Faith, we divide the Bible into 25 major eras, which contain a total of 100 key Bible events. Use the chart below to go through each era and event. Each event has accompanying illustrations that visually tell the story of each key moment.

OT-01 The Eternal God

The Eternal God

In its opening statement, the Bible addresses the most basic issue of human existence by declaring that the something or someone who has always existed is God.

OT-02 Creation of Angels

Creation of Angels

In what was probably His first act as a Creator, the God of the Bible created spirit beings that we call "angels."

OT-03 Creation of the Universe

Creation of the Universe

God also created the universe, including our earth and its heavens, as well as its living organisms—plants and animals of all kinds.

OT-04 Creation of Mankind

Creation of Mankind

Then God created a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, and commissioned them to rule over His earthly creation.

OT-05 Life in Paradise

Life in Paradise

Adam and Eve lived in the beautiful paradise Garden of Eden with lots of freedom and pleasures and only one rule to obey.

OT-06 Fall of a Powerful Angel

Fall of a Powerful Angel

At some earlier time, one of God's most powerful and beautiful angels, led other angels in a failed rebellion against God and became known as Satan, the Devil.

OT-07 Beginning of Human Sin

Beginning of Human Sin

In continued defiance against God, Satan enticed the woman to eat of the forbidden tree and the woman then influenced Adam to do the same thing, in spite of God's clear and loving warning.

OT-08 The Origin of Death

The Origin of Death

Because God is a holy and just judge, Adam and the woman suffered the consequences of their disobedience; they immediately died spiritually and eventually died physically.

OT-09 Promise of a Satan Conqueror

Promise of a Satan Conqueror

God then promised that a special offspring of the woman would someday conquer Satan because of Satan's evil participation in Adam and the woman's disobedience.

OT-10 Sin's Extensive Effects

Sin's Extensive Effects

But the problems caused by Adam and the woman's sin would affect God's creation in many negative ways for generations to come, including burdensome toil and miserable pain.

OT-11 Provision of Coverings

Provision of Coverings

After Adam and the woman attempted to cover their guilt and shame with fig leaves, God graciously replaced the leaves with clothing He made from animal skins.

OT-12 Banishment from the Garden

Banishment from the Garden

Because Adam and Eve's disobedience caused them to forfeit their privilege to live in the paradise garden where God placed them, He drove them out of it.

OT-13 Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel, the first two sons to be born to Adam and Eve, responded to God in very different ways —Abel in faith and Cain in defiance.

OT-14 Seth and His Descendants

Seth and His Descendants

Abel's life ended tragically when his brother Cain murdered him, but God gave Adam and Eve a replacement son, Seth, who would become the ancestor of some great godly men.

OT-15 The Great Flood

The Great Flood

Throughout the years to follow, the human race grew and became so sinful that God destroyed the earth and its inhabitants with a great flood, except for God-fearing Noah and his family.

OT-16 The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel

Several generations later, the descendants of Noah assembled together to build a stairway tower as a “gateway of the gods,” but the LORD God confused their language and scattered them.

OT-17 Promises to Abram

Promises to Abram

Sometime after the tower of Babel incident, God called Abram to be the father of a great nation through which all families of the earth would receive a special blessing.

OT-18 Destruction of Sodom

Destruction of Sodom

The city of Sodom was exceedingly sinful, so the LORD God destroyed it with a rain of fiery sulphur, but He saved Abram's nephew Lot and Lot's daughters from harm.

OT-19 Abram's Son Ishmael

Abram's Son Ishmael

Abram believed God would provide a son for him, but his wife Sarai could not bear children so she devised her own plan to make that happen through her handmaiden.

OT-20 Abram's Son Isaac

Abram's Son Isaac

God later gave Abram a special son through his wife Sarai, but then tested Abram's faith by telling him to offer Isaac back to Himself.

OT-21 Isaac's Son Jacob

Isaac's Son Jacob

Isaac's son Jacob was a deceitful man whose life God changed and who became the recipient of the promises God had given to Abraham and Isaac.

OT-22 Israel's Family to Egypt

Israel's Family to Egypt

God directed events in Israel's family to place his son Joseph as a prominent leader in Egypt for a critical time in the early history of this very important family.

OT-23 Israelites in Egypt

Israelites in Egypt

In spite of intense oppression by a new king of Egypt who did not know about Joseph, God blessed the Israelites and they multiplied greatly in Egypt.

OT-24 Moses' Call to Leadership

Moses' Call to Leadership

God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan, the place God earlier promised to Abraham.

OT-25 Plagues in Egypt

Plagues in Egypt

In order to convince Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to release the Israelites from their bondage, God used Moses to afflict Egypt with some dreadful plagues.

OT-26 The Passover

The Passover

God sent a final plague upon Egypt, which resulted in the death of firstborn sons, but God protected those families who appropriately expressed faith in Him.

OT-27 The Exodus from Egypt

The Exodus from Egypt

Then Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt as God parted the waters of the Red Sea, preparing their way toward the promised land of Canaan.

OT-28 The Mosaic Covenant

The Mosaic Covenant

In the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan,the holy LORD God made a covenant with Israel and gave them a set of laws which express His hatred for what we know as "sin."

OT-29 The Golden Calf Rebellion

The Golden Calf Rebellion

Not long after God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and gave His laws to them, they rebelled against Him and created a golden image to worship.

OT-30 Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Moses built a portable place for worship, a “tabernacle,” so that God could dwell with them during their wilderness journey.

OT-31 God's Provision for Forgiveness

God's Provision for Forgiveness

God established a process that made it possible for Israelites to have their sins forgiven near the entrance of the tabernacle.

OT-32 The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement

The LORD appointed an annual holy day when the contamination caused by the sins of the people would be cleansed from the tabernacle and the sins of God's people would be removed from them.

OT-33 Unbelief at Kadesh

Unbelief at Kadesh

From Mt. Sinai the LORD led the Israelites to the border of the land He had promised them, but they chose to not believe that He could give them the land.

OT-34 The Bronze Serpent

The Bronze Serpent

On their way toward Canaan, the Israelites rebelled against God and were punished with deadly serpent bites, but God graciously provided a remedy for their afflictions.

OT-35 Preparation for Canaan

Preparation for Canaan

The LORD God's final assignment for Moses was to teach God's law to this new generation of Israelites, in order to prepare them to enter the pagan land of Canaan.

OT-36 Conquest of the Promised Land

Conquest of the Promised Land

After the death of Moses, Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River and into the promised land of Canaan, which they conquered with the help of the LORD their God.

OT-37 The Judges, An Era of Spiritual Darkness

The Judges, An Era of Spiritual Darkness

After Joshua died, the Israelites were ruled by various tribal rulers known as “judges” and the lack of good central leadership contributed to moral and political chaos.

OT-38 Some Bright Lights in An Era of Darkness

Some Bright Lights in An Era of Darkness

Samuel, the final judge of Israel, was faithful to the LORD God, as were Boaz and Ruth, the Moabite woman whom Boaz married.

OT-39 Saul, Israel's First King

Saul, Israel's First King

In spite of the fact that God was their King and Samuel was one of Israel's best leaders, the Israelites asked for a king and in response God gave them Saul.

OT-40 King David, A Special King for Israel

King David, A Special King for Israel

After several years of protecting himself from Saul, David emerged as a great king of Israel and the LORD promised to establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

OT-41 David's Messianic Psalms

David's Messianic Psalms

David, the great soldier and king, was also a musician who wrote many psalms (songs), several of which prophesied that the LORD would send a Messiah who would suffer and reign.

OT-42 King Solomon, David's Son

King Solomon, David's Son

Solomon succeeded his father David as king and ruled over Israel at the height of its wealth and power, during which time he built the temple for the LORD that David had wanted.

OT-43 The Kingdom of Israel Divided

The Kingdom of Israel Divided

Because Solomon worshiped false gods late in his life, God took ten of the tribes of Israel from Solomon's son Rehoboam and gave them to a man named Jeroboam.

OT-44 Elijah & Elisha, The LORD's Prophets

Elijah & Elisha, The LORD's Prophets

In an era of extreme spiritual darkness in the northern kingdom of Israel, the LORD God raised up Elijah and Elisha, two prophets who denounced the idolatrous false religion of their times.

OT-45 Prophecies Before the Exiles of Israel & Judah

Prophecies Before the Exiles of Israel & Judah

As Israel and Judah continued to deteriorate, the LORD raised up other prophets who foretold in writing the demise of those kingdoms, as well as the coming of the Messiah.

OT-46 The Exiles of Israel & Judah

The Exiles of Israel & Judah

The kingdoms of Israel and Judah both continued to deteriorate spiritually and the LORD God punished them with exile in Assyria and Babylonia.

OT-47 Prophecies from Judah & Egypt During the Exile

Prophecies from Judah & Egypt During the Exile

The prophet Jeremiah was not taken to Babylon in the exile but was left behind to continue his ministry, during which time he wrote about the coming Messiah and a New Covenant.

OT-48 Prophecies from Babylon During the Exile

Prophecies from Babylon During the Exile

Daniel and Ezekiel were taken as exiles to Babylon, but from there they faithfully proclaimed God's messages, including predictions of the coming Messiah.

OT-49 Jews Return to Jerusalem

Jews Return to Jerusalem

Seventy years after Daniel and other choice captives were taken to Babylon, the Persian king who had recently conquered Babylonia released the Jews to go home to rebuild their temple.

OT-50 The Walls Rebuilt & the People Revived

The Walls Rebuilt & the People Revived

Ezra, a priest, and Nehemiah, the king of Persia's cupbearer, returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the broken and burned city walls and to lead a spiritual revival among the people.

NT-01 Four Hundred Years of Anticipation

Four Hundred Years of Anticipation

In the 400 years or so between the Old and New Testament eras, some major political, social, and religious developments occurred that influenced life in the New Testament era.

NT-02 Birth of Jesus, the Christ

Birth of Jesus, the Christ

At God's appointed time, He sent His Son to Earth, born of a virgin named Mary, as the special King and Savior He had promised for centuries.

NT-03 Family History of Jesus

Family History of Jesus

The genealogical records of Jesus connect Him to several prominent Old Testament people, including Abraham and King David, which made Jesus eligible to be the Savior and King that God had promised.

NT-04 Early Events in Jesus' Life

Early Events in Jesus' Life

Some early events in the life of Jesus, as a baby and as a young boy, marked Him as a special person who would later bring hope and peace to multitudes of people.

NT-05 Temptations by Satan

Temptations by Satan

After being baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus was personally tempted by Satan, but He resisted Satan's temptations with statements from God's Word in the Old Testament.

NT-06 John the Baptist's Testimony

John the Baptist's Testimony

After Jesus resisted Satan's temptations, John the Baptist boldly announced that Jesus was the special King and Savior, God's Lamb, who would take away the sin of the world.

NT-07 The Selection of Jesus' Disciples

The Selection of Jesus' Disciples

From among His committed followers, Jesus chose a special group of disciples that were often referred to as “apostles” or simply, "the Twelve."

NT-08 Encounter with a Religious Leader

Encounter with a Religious Leader

On one occasion, Jesus told Nicodemus, a prominent religious leader, that he needed to experience a spiritual birth in order to enter God's kingdom.

NT-09 Encounter with a Samaritan Woman

Encounter with a Samaritan Woman

On another occasion, Jesus explained to a woman from Samaria how God could permanently satisfy her spiritual thirst.

NT-10 Spread of Jesus' Fame

Spread of Jesus' Fame

During the second year of His ministry, the crowds that were attracted to Jesus grew increasingly large, especially as He moved about the region around the Sea of Galilee.

NT-11 Jesus' Power over a Stormy Sea

Jesus' Power over a Stormy Sea

Jesus even amazed His closest disciples by calming the Sea of Galilee, when its raging, stormy waters threatened to overwhelm their boat.

NT-12 Jesus' Power over a Legion of Demons

Jesus' Power over a Legion of Demons

On the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus cast many evil spirits out of a severely afflicted man and his life was dramatically transformed in many ways.

NT-13 Jesus' Claims of Oneness with God

Jesus' Claims of Oneness with God

Several times when Jesus declared that He was the Son of God and was one with His Father, some people were greatly offended and attempted to kill Him.

NT-14 Jesus' Power over Blindness

Jesus' Power over Blindness

In an unprecedented act, Jesus healed a man who was born blind, which shocked the man's parents and neighbors, offended the religious leaders, and resulted in the man's sincere faith response.

NT-15 Stories of God's Love and Forgiveness

Stories of God's Love and Forgiveness

Jesus used many parables in His teaching, but one of the most famous was about a wayward son whom his father forgave and a selfish brother who didn't understand.

NT-16 Jesus' Teaching About Hell

Jesus' Teaching About Hell

As He moved among the people, Jesus often lovingly but sternly warned them of the reality of eternal punishment in Hell and the urgent need to escape it.

NT-17 Jesus' Power over Death

Jesus' Power over Death

Jesus demonstrated His power over nature, demons, and physical infirmities, but perhaps His greatest miracle was bringing a dead man, who had been in the grave for four days, back to life.

NT-18 Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Jesus' Triumphal Entry

On Sunday of His final week of ministry on earth, Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a triumphant king surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd, but then announced His impending death.

NT-19 A Prophetic Discourse on the Mount of Olives

A Prophetic Discourse on the Mount of Olives

Two days following His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus gave a prophetic discourse to His disciples in which He told of future events that would shock the world.

NT-20 Jesus' Last Supper with His Disciples

Jesus' Last Supper with His Disciples

The last supper that Jesus shared with His disciples was a Passover meal, at which time He explained the significance of His death and instructed them about His future care for them.

NT-21 Betrayal of Jesus

Betrayal of Jesus

When one of Jesus' twelve disciples (Judas Iscariot) betrayed Him, Jesus did not resist arrest but willingly submitted Himself to the Jewish religious leaders and Gentile Roman soldiers who seized Him.

NT-22 Jesus' Appearances Before Unjust Judges

Jesus' Appearances Before Unjust Judges

Although Jesus was never proven guilty of any wrongdoing in any religious or civil court, He was unjustly flogged and condemned to die by Roman crucifixion.

NT-23 The Crucifixion of Jesus, His Humiliation & Suffering

The Crucifixion of Jesus, His Humiliation & Suffering

Jesus was taken to a place outside of Jerusalem called Golgotha, where He was nailed to a cross and suffered great physical pain and humiliation.

NT-24 Jesus' Death & it's Provision for Mankind

Jesus' Death & it's Provision for Mankind

Just before Jesus died on the cross, one guilty man who was being crucified beside Him placed his faith in Jesus and was granted the gift of life in a paradise beyond the grave.

NT-25 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

On the third day after Jesus died and was buried, God raised Him physically from the dead to demonstrate God's power over sin, death, and Hell.

NT-26 Appearances & Impact of the Resurrected Jesus

Appearances & Impact of the Resurrected Jesus

After Jesus' resurrection His disciples developed a strong conviction that God had raised Him bodily from the grave and that He truly was the Son of God, the promised Savior.

NT-27 Great Commission

Great Commission

When Jesus met with His disciples after His resurrection, He commanded them to go into all the world and make disciples from all the nations of the world.

NT-28 Ascension of Jesus

Ascension of Jesus

After forty days of preparing His disciples for their future roles, Jesus repeated His Great Commission to them and then ascended to heaven to begin His ministry as our heavenly High Priest.

NT-29 The Gospel of Jesus & the Jews in Jerusalem

The Gospel of Jesus & the Jews in Jerusalem

Soon after Jesus ascended to Heaven, His disciples began to proclaim the good news about who Jesus was, what He did, and why people should trust in Him as their Savior.

NT-30 Life & Ministry in the Early Church

Life & Ministry in the Early Church

Those who trusted in and followed Jesus assembled regularly to worship God, pray, study His Word, and fellowship together, with a passionate zeal to proclaim the good news to others.

NT-31 The Gospel to the Fringe of Judaism

The Gospel to the Fringe of Judaism

Persecution against the Jerusalem church caused Philip to go to Samaria where he proclaimed the gospel, but then was led by the Lord to Gaza to lead an Ethiopian official to faith in Christ.

NT-32 Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

God radically changed the life of Saul of Tarsus, a man who zealously persecuted early Christ-followers, and then God commissioned him to become a prominent leader in the early church.

NT-33 Conversion of Cornelius

Conversion of Cornelius

In a vision God taught Peter the way to peace with God through Jesus is open to all people, regardless of their ethnic and religious heritage, and then He demonstrated that truth by saving Cornelius, a Roman military officer.

NT-34 The Church in Syrian Antioch

The Church in Syrian Antioch

The gospel spread from Jerusalem to Antioch, a major cosmopolitan city in the Roman empire, and a blended Jewish-Gentile church was founded that sent missionaries abroad.

NT-35 Paul's First Missionary Journey

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Commissioned by the church in Syrian Antioch, Paul and Barnabas carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to Cyprus and regions of Galatia, now part of the country of Turkey.

NT-36 The Jerusalem Council

The Jerusalem Council

In response to false teachers who came to Antioch, Paul and Barnabas travelled to Jerusalem to confirm the truth that Gentiles do not have to keep the Law of Moses to have their sins forgiven.

NT-37 Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Paul chose new missionary companions and set out to revisit the churches established on the first missionary journey and after that extended his trip into Greece.

NT-38 Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Paul's Third Missionary Journey

After a brief visit with the Syrian Antioch church, Paul made a third journey, on which he spent a significant amount of time ministering in the very pagan city of Ephesus.

NT-39 Paul's Appearances Before Roman Judges

Paul's Appearances Before Roman Judges

At the end of his third missionary journey, Paul was arrested for his faith in Jesus and appeared before several Roman judges, where he boldly shared his personal faith story.

NT-40 Final Years of the First Century A.D.

Final Years of the First Century A.D.

During the final four decades of the first century, many Christians suffered persecution and martyrdom and false teachers began to corrupt the teachings of Jesus and His apostles.

NT-41 Two Thousand Years of Church History

Two Thousand Years of Church History

For more than 1900 years, since the death of John, the last living apostle, God has preserved His Church through much hardship and adversity and has caused it to spread all around the world.

NT-42 Jesus Will Return for Believers

Jesus Will Return for Believers

Based upon the promise of Jesus and the teachings of the apostles, those of us who trust in Jesus expect Him to return at any time to take us to heaven to live with Him.

NT-43 Future Judgment of Believer's Works

Future Judgment of Believer's Works

Sometime after Jesus returns for believers and before He returns as King, He will evaluate the lives of those who have trusted and served Him and will reward them for faithful service.

NT-44 A Future Period of Tribulation

A Future Period of Tribulation

God's judgment upon the Jewish people, which began in the time of Daniel and Ezekiel, will not be completed until a future period of seven years of tribulation.

NT-45 The Return of Jesus Christ

The Return of Jesus Christ

Shortly after His return for believers, Jesus will come back with those He took to Heaven and will deliver His redeemed people from their time of great tribulation.

NT-46 The Future Earthly Kingdom of Jesus Christ

The Future Earthly Kingdom of Jesus Christ

Following His return with power and glory, Jesus will fulfill the Old Testament promises to Israel of a Davidic king and worldwide kingdom by reigning over the earth for 1000 years.

NT-47 Satan's Final Doom

Satan's Final Doom

At the close of the earthly reign of Jesus Christ, after a brief final rebellion against God, Satan will be cast into the lake of fire where he will be punished with everlasting conscious torment.

NT-48 The Great White Throne Judgment

The Great White Throne Judgment

At the end of time as we now know it, unbelievers will stand before God to be sentenced to eternal punishment for their sins and their refusal to receive God's provision for sin.

NT-49 The Destruction of the Heavens & Earth

The Destruction of the Heavens & Earth

At or near the time of the great white throne judgment of unbelievers, God will destroy the current sin-contaminated earth and its heavens with a roaring fire and intense heat.

NT-50 The New Heavens & New Earth

The New Heavens & New Earth

But God's story ends with wonderful news—everyone who has trusted Jesus as his or her Savior will enter a beautiful, sin-free paradise and live there eternally with God.

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