The Story of Hope - Lahu Version

The Story of Hope contains a “shrinkable and expandable" (accordion-like) presentation, consisting of 60 pages, for telling or teaching the Bible's big redemptive story in as few as fifteen minutes or as long as twenty or more hours. It is designed for evangelistic Bible studies, one-on-one or in small groups, but is also helpful in teaching God's redemptive plan to believers.

Forty strategically selected Bible events, twenty from the Old Testament and twenty from the New Testament, comprise this version of The Story of Hope. Each event is beautifully visualized. A set of evangelism-focused Bible study questions is included in the material for each event. The study book also includes colorful maps of the Bible lands, highlighting where the events occurred, as well as a very informative visual of the Old Testament's tabernacle in the wilderness. The Chronological Bridge (ChronoBridge) to Life, which follows the study of the redemptive story, summaries eight essential “eternal life or death truths" that emerge from the Bible's story of hope.

The Story of Hope Contents

  • Introduction to the Bible and its Big Story
  • Instructions for Self-Study and Group Study Leaders
  • Map of Holy Land (Canaan/Palestine)
  • Map of the Ancient Near East (Middle East)
  • Visual of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness
  • The Story of Hope
    Old Testament Events New Testament Events
    The Eternal God
    Birth of Jesus of Nazareth
    Creation of the Earth
    John the Baptist's Proclamation
    Creation of Mankind
    Temptations by Satan
    Fall of Lucifer
    Miracles of Jesus
    Beginning of Human Sin
    Encounter with a Religious Leader
    Origin of Death
    Encounter with a Samaritan Woman
    Promise of a Satan Conqueror
    Teachings about Hell
    Provision of Coverings
    Claims of Oneness with God
    Banishment from Eden
    Betrayal of Jesus
    The Great Flood
    Appearances before Unjust Judges
    Promises to Abraham
    Crucifixion of Jesus
    Offering of Isaac
    A Repentant Dying Thief
    Moses' Call to Leadership
    Resurrection of Jesus
    The Plagues and Passover
    Ascension of Jesus
    Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt
    Peter Proclaims the Good News
    The Ten Commandments
    Jesus' Return for Believers
    Tabernacle in the Wilderness
    Jesus' Return as King
    Bronze Serpent
    Satan's Final Doom
    Reign of King David
    Dreadful Destiny for Unbelievers
    Prophecies of a Coming Messiah
    Blissful Destiny for Believers
  • The Chronological Bridge to Life
    Eight Essential Truths Emerge from the Story of Hope
    God—What We Have Learned about Our Creator
    Man—What We Have Learned about Mankind
    Sin— What We Have Learned about Disobedience to God
    Death—What We Have Learned about the Penalty for Sin
    Christ—What We Have Learned about Jesus Christ
    Cross—What We Have Learned about the Death of Jesus Christ
    Faith—What We Have Learned about Trusting Jesus Christ
    Life—What We Have Learned about Eternal Life
  • A Personal Faith Response

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