Accessing the Instructor's Resource Center

Access to the Instructor's Resource Center (IRC) is limited to those who have registered as a member on the Good Soil website and have completed a Good Soil training seminar. To gain access, trainers must first register as a member on the Good Soil website and then enter the appropriate passcode (given to you at your training seminar) to gain access to areas related to that course.

1. Creating an Account

To create a new account, click on the green login button at the top right of the page and then "Create Account". From here you'll input a username and password that will be unique to you, along with a valid email address. TRAINERS: Note that the password you use here should be unique to you (something you create), not the passcode given to you at the end of your training to access the trainers resources.

2. Gaining Access to Specific IRC Sections

Access to resources pertaining to a specific training is restricted to trainers who have completed that training. Once you have created an account on the Good Soil site, navigate to the IRC section you need access to and enter in the passcode given to you during your training. You will only have to enter this passcode once, as you will then be given access to these resources. The next time you login you will be able to see these resources immediately.

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