The Old Testament Story

From the Introduction of Dr David Brooks' The Old Testament Story:

"Jesus said that the Old Testament is essentially and ultimately about Him (John 5:39; cf. Luke 24:25-27, 44-45). The following pages are written with this in mind. The Old Testament progressively unfolds God's redemptive plan up to, but not including, the account of Jesus of Nazareth. Since this amounts to a story, it is fitting to discuss the Old Testament books in chronological order rather than canonical.

The first books of the Bible are already arranged in our Bibles in historical sequence, but the other books enter the continuum at various points. For example, for the purpose of the story, Jonah should be coordinated with 2 Kings 14:25 rather than leaving it to near the end of the Old Testament.

This volume has been written for those in Christian ministry but who have little or no knowledge of the Old Testament. The content would be beneficial also to laypersons teaching from the Old Testament. Therefore, it is both an introduction to and survey of the Scripture."

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