Good Soil Mini-Basic in Local Churches

We call our “out-there” (in local churches) seminars, “Good Soil Mini-Basic” because time constraints prohibit us from offering the full 14 hours of seminar content and learning experiences. The available time-slots in our schedules for these seminars are limited, so we must request a solid commitment from the host church before scheduling these seminars.


8:30 Breakfast Snacks and Drinks
9:00 What is Good Soil E&D?
9:20 Vertical Dimension - GSED / Horizontal Dimension – GSED Scale
10:10 Worldview Noise Model
10:25 Break
10:35 Worldview Onion Model Overview
10:55 Gospel Knowledge Deficiencies
11:10 Evaluating Roman’s Road & One Other
11:40 Two Common Ways to Teach Theology
11:50 Evangelism at the Tilling and Planting Levels
12:05 TSOH – What I Like About TSOH?
12:15 Lunch
1:00 Concentric Circles Review-Prep and Activity
1:25 TSOH Summaries Reading
1:45 Hope DVD
2:05 ChronoBridge Intro and Berrus Video
2:20 Break
2:30 ChronoBridge Practice
2:45 Faith Response
3:00 TWTJ Overview
3:20 Gaining Ground with Good Soil
3:40 Window Panes OR A-Z Activity

Additional Information

  • $50 per participant with committed minimum of 30 participants guaranteed by church
  • Includes for each participant: TSOH, TWTJ, Seminar Workbook, Gaining Ground With Good Soil
  • Participants receive 50% discount coupon to attend May or October GSED seminars at ABWE
  • Church commits to cover travel and housing (in-home housing is OK) for one trainer
  • Church supplies lunch and three snacks (breakfast snack and mid-morning and afternoon)
  • Does not qualify participants to attend Good Soil Trainer Certification Workshop

Host a Seminar

For more information or to schedule a seminar at your church, please contact Gil Thomas:

(717) 909-2347

Set your country and language

We will add support for new countries and languages in the future.