Comebacker Videos

We use these “comebacker” videos in our seminars, usually as people are returning to the room after a break. They are all from YouTube. We try to select only “safe” videos – clean and appropriate for general use with other Christians. But a perception of what is “safe” sometimes differs from person to person. So please check to be sure that any video you choose is “safe” for you and your audience before you present it. Also, please understand that we have no control over the pop-up ads that appear. We suggest that you “x” (close) them when they pop-up.

Steve Martin - Piano Song Skit (3:11) Watch
Awesome Yodeling - 12 Year Old Yodel Expert (2:25) Watch
Carousel Horse Race (3:22) Watch
Frozen Grand Central (2:22) Watch
Juggling Comedian (6:07) GS Watch
Amazing Mind Reading Trick (2:29) GS Watch
Jimmy Fallon Does Impersonations (5:09) GS Watch
Comedy Magic - "Men in Coats" (5:57) GS Watch
Plastic Buckets and Dogs (3:36) GS Watch
Cards in a Balloon Magic Trick (2:58) Watch
Woman Cut in Half Inside a Clear Box (6:25) GS Watch
Man Chained-Sawed in Half (1:31) GS Watch
Chris Bliss Juggles (4:27) Watch

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