Comebacker Videos

We use these “comebacker” videos in our seminars, usually as people are returning to the room after a break. They are all from YouTube. We try to select only “safe” videos – clean and appropriate for general use with other Christians. But a perception of what is “safe” sometimes differs from person to person. So please check to be sure that any video you choose is “safe” for you and your audience before you present it. Also, please understand that we have no control over the pop-up ads that appear. We suggest that you “x” (close) them when they pop-up.

Funny Dogs Reactions to Vets (4:21) Watch
Freshpet Holiday Feast (1:53) Watch
The Lovecats - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (3:35) Watch
Wooly Bully (0:56) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 1 (4:34) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 2 (4:27) Watch
News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Goat Man (1:23) Watch
Dog Sings with Whitney Houston (212) Watch
Fainting Goats! | National Geographic (3:43) Watch
Pets Are Awesome (3:12) Watch
Sheep-lights on the Hills (2:45) Watch
Creepy Weather Cam Spider (0:49) Watch
Dog and Elephant Friends (3:2) Watch
Herding Cats (1:09) Watch
Einstein, the Amazing Parrot (3:15) Watch
Bird for Christmas Dinner (1:2) Watch

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