Comebacker Videos

We use these “comebacker” videos in our seminars, usually as people are returning to the room after a break. They are all from YouTube. We try to select only “safe” videos – clean and appropriate for general use with other Christians. But a perception of what is “safe” sometimes differs from person to person. So please check to be sure that any video you choose is “safe” for you and your audience before you present it. Also, please understand that we have no control over the pop-up ads that appear. We suggest that you “x” (close) them when they pop-up.

The Phantom of the Opera - Prague Cello Quartet (4:12) Watch
The Better Believer Bible (2:17) Watch
Royal Guard Breaks The Rules, Breaks Hearts, & Becomes a Dad! (2:02) Watch
Ballad of Davy Crockett (3:32) Watch
"Buffet Man" by Tim Hawkins (5:31) Watch
Toilet Boardroom Surprise Prank (1:18) Watch
Funny Dogs Reactions to Vets (4:21) Watch
2020 Goals vs. 2021 Goals (3:3) Watch
Dad Officiates the Wedding (4:22) Watch
A Southern Night Before Christmas (4:47) Watch
Freshpet Holiday Feast (1:53) Watch
WKRP Turkey Drop (3:35) Watch
Fastest Newscast Ever (2:4) Watch
Ghost Chickens in the Sky (3:23) Watch
We'll Sing in the Sunshine - Helen Reddy and the Muppets (3:03) Watch
Prize Banjo Picker and Steve Martin (5:3) Watch
The Three Stooges - Swingin' The Alphabet (1938) (2:28) Watch
Hilarious Impressionist Surprises Simon Cowell (4:36) Watch
Dudley Dorite (Of The Highway Patrol) (4) Watch
Steve Martin - Piano Song Skit (3:11) Watch
Famous Last Words (1:39) Watch
Grilling Secrets Revealed (3:29) Watch
Handyman's Corner "Oil Change" (5:23) Watch
If Mobile Providers Were Actually Honest (3:45) Watch
Tim Hawkins - Fun Funeral (1:34) Watch
Victims Tricked Into Weaponizing a Banana (1:58) Watch
36 Appearances of Statler And Waldorf From "The Muppets" (6:09) Watch
Translating the Christian Language (3:24) Watch
When You Miss the Movies (4:25) Watch
Le Petit Chef - Grilling Your Steaks (3:04) Watch
Le Petit Chef - Dessert (3:1) Watch
The Most Terrifying Horror Movie for a Southerner (2:44) Watch
Best Bible Verses That AREN'T In The Bible (4:47) Watch
Worst Wheel of Fortune Player Ever (4:03) Watch
The Lovecats - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (3:35) Watch
Our Favorite Southern Slang (2:56) Watch
Quarantine - It's Not Quite Over (3:06) Watch
The Electric Fence (3:09) Watch
Accident (Imagined by Kids) (1:58) Watch
50 People Show Us Their States' Accents (5:29) Watch
If Self-Driving Cars Were Southern (2:2) Watch
Church Greetings - Quarantine Edition (3:54) Watch
Ray Stevens - "Along Came Jones" (4:16) Watch
Happy Dance - In the Covid-19 Lock-In Era (3:01) Watch
Germ Masks Freakout (4:07) Watch
Types of People Who Work from Home (3:27) Watch
Cabin Fever - Muppets Sing-Along (2:25) Watch
In Christ Alone - Virtual Choir (5) Watch
The Elevator (3:37) Watch
I'm Not a Doctor from The Carol Burnett Show (4:27) Watch
Gen Z Bible Translation (3:14) Watch
Wooly Bully (0:56) Watch
North Korean Military - Trying to "Stay Alive" (1:01) Watch
North Korean Military - Trying Even Harder (0:48) Watch
Watch Photobombing 101 (3:5) Watch
8 Ball CRAZY Kiss Shots (3:02) Watch
Harlem Globetrotters BEST Trick Shots Compilation! (6:24) Watch
Overdue Military Letters (4:45) Watch
Interrogation Song - Muppets (3:25) Watch
Fast Food Folk Song - Rhett & Link (2:59) Watch
A Car Without a Motor (2:55) Watch
The Overly Complicated Coffee Order (2:39) Watch
Tommy Smothers Imitates Johnny Carson (4:02) Watch
Bedtime as Imagined by Kids (3:05) Watch
If Your Parents' Lies Were True (3:12) Watch
Putting "Fishers of Men" in Context (3) Watch
Lean on Me - Playing for Change (4:33) Watch
Ray Stevens the Deerslayer (4:25) Watch
Christmas Car Ride with Motoki (3:42) Watch
Five Day Weather Forecast (4:04) Watch
Cårven Der Pümpkîn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef (1:53) Watch
Microwave Hoot! (Owl in the Microwave) (2:44) Watch
80's Movie Lip Syncs (8:5) Watch
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (3:24) Watch
Mother and Son Dance to Top Songs of the Decades (4:57) Watch
Cop Pulls Over His Own Wife (2:57) Watch
The Reality of Teachers Talking to Parents on the Phone (3:2) Watch
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Ted Yoder (3:32) Watch
MozART group - How to impress a woman (4:24) Watch
Ray Stevens - Red Hot Chili Cookoff (4:54) Watch
"What Women Want" Song (2:52) Watch
Candid Camera Classic: Flight to Nowhere! (3:49) Watch
Dueling Horns and Banjos (7:37) Watch
Upside Down Fiddles and More (4:07) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 1 (4:34) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 2 (4:27) Watch
Janitor's Revenge (2:15) Watch
News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Goat Man (1:23) Watch
The "New" Old People Will Be Very Different (2:23) Watch
Roy Clark Plays the 12th Street Rag (2:27) Watch
Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch (3:08) Watch
A "Footloose" Party (3:58) Watch
Israeli Police Lip Sync "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (2:38) Watch
Evolution of Worship Music (560-2017 A.D.) - A Cappella Medley (8:17) Watch
I am a Thoughtful Guy - Rhett & Link (3:42) Watch
Introducing Chick-fil-A Prime (3:41) Watch
Atheist Kids' Songs - Tim Hawkins (2:13) Watch
Construction Worker - Traffic Barrier - Photo Album - Shredded Contract Pranks (6:13) Watch
I Am A Pilot - The Smothers Brothers (7:06) Watch
Dishonorable Discharge (5:1) Watch
Ghost Riders in the Sky - Glen Campbell & Roy Clark (2:36) Watch
50 Ways to Please Your Mother (3:42) Watch
The FUN Theory (1:47) Watch
Do You Have Wi-Fi? (0:3) Watch
Rufus Hussey - Slingshot Expert (4:07) Watch
Tim Hawkins- Old Rock Star Songs (6:3) Watch
You Raise Me Up - Featuring Peter Hollens (4:08) Watch
Cook in the Hot Dog Steamer (1:25) Watch
Christianese - Rosetta Stone Edition (2:54) Watch
Roy's Food Repair (7:12) Watch
Winston the Frog and Petunia the Rabbit (3:07) Watch
Flowers on the Wall Song - With Beaker and Bunsen (2:12) Watch
National Anthem as Sung By Musical Artists (2:42) Watch
TV Show Theme Songs Lip-Syncs (4:49) Watch
Jeff Foxworthy on the Bible (6:53) Watch
Human Puppet - Ventriloquism by Nina Conti (4:32) Watch
Don't Ever Look Down on Ordinary People (3:47) Watch
Penny in the Bottle Prank (1:18) Watch
Interrogating Zuckerberg - Bad Lip Reading (5:47) Watch
Bad Lip Reading - 2018 NFL Season (6:03) Watch
Old Woman Resuscitates Her Dead Husband in a Casket (1:36) Watch
Pork and Beans Funeral (5:47) Watch
Sophie Fatu - Santa Claus is Coming to Town (2:08) Watch
Come to the USA - Ray Stevens (3:18) Watch
Sounds of Starbucks - Tim Hawkins (3:26) Watch
Can't Stop The Feeling - Dance Like Nobody's Watching (3:3) Watch
Meeting Participants That Drive You Crazy (3:46) Watch
A Millennial vs A Baby Boomer (1:58) Watch
Christmas Songs Lip-Synced (3:34) Watch
When you Crave Chick-fil-A on Sunday (1:28) Watch
Raul Gil (Brazilian Kid) Sings Agnus Dei (4) Watch
Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell (5:35) Watch
At the Dentist | Mr. Bean (4:57) Watch
12-Year-Old Ventriloquist - Darci Lynne (4:24) Watch
My OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (4:41) Watch
Sweet Tea vs. Unsweet Tea (3:5) Watch
Choosing Your Grandma Name (2:22) Watch
Badger Car Salesman TV Commercials (3:03) Watch
Five Year Old Sings Sinatra Classic (2:19) Watch
Happy Together (2:16) Watch
Toupee Skit - Dean Martin and Bob Newhart (4:53) Watch
Back to School Bus Safety - Kid Snippets (2:56) Watch
A Millennial Job Interview (2:5) Watch
Bizarre Bowling (2:03) Watch
Happy Dance - by MercyMe (3:33) Watch
Teleporter - Magic Trick (3:4) Watch
Pastor Monday Morning Press Conference (1:47) Watch
If My Nose Was Running Money (4:55) Watch
Halloween Lip Sync (3:03) Watch
Stranger BLOWS UP Granny's Car (4:4) Watch
On Eagle's Wings - Tim Hawkins (4:39) Watch
Dog Sings with Whitney Houston (212) Watch
Millennial Missionaries (2:49) Watch
Christian Mingle Inspector (3:54) Watch
Love Songs of the Decades - Lip Sync (4:28) Watch
Chess in 40,000 Dominoes (1:42) Watch
John Daker Sings (Well, Sort Of) (2:11) Watch
The Intelevator - Episode 4 (3:48) Watch
The Intelevator - Episode 1 (3:39) Watch
A Fireman - As Imagined by Kids (3:06) Watch
Amazon Echo Silver - The Echo for Old People (2:4) Watch
Unchained Melody - Orchestral Version (4:18) Watch
We All Want to Share Our Faith Effectively (3:36) Watch
Awesome Yodeling - 12 Year Old Yodel Expert (2:25) Watch
Carol of the Bells - by Pentatonix (4:1) Watch
Fainting Goats! | National Geographic (3:43) Watch
Medieval Helpdesk (2:44) Watch
Carousel Horse Race (3:22) Watch
Frozen Grand Central (2:22) Watch
Coca-Cola Social Media Guard (1:49) Watch
15,000 Dominoes - Amazing Triple Spiral (2:27) Watch
Aging Rockers - Tim Hawkins (4:53) Watch
Everlasting Juicer - The Carbanaro Effect (2:55) Watch
Funeral Home Picture Thief - The Carbanaro Effect (2:14) Watch
Jungle Book / Sarabande (Mayan Style) (4:23) Watch
Seven Languages Translator (2:37) Watch
Disney Love Medley (5:04) Watch
Banned Medical Device Wrings Neck - The Carbonaro Effect (5:4) Watch
Identical Paintings Revealed - The Carbonaro Effect (6:29) Watch
Pets Are Awesome (3:12) Watch
Ventriloquist Terry Fator and Kermit - America's Got Talent (6:18) Watch
Terry Fator and Julius - Aint No Sunshine (1:56) Watch
Spintop Snipers - Amazing Top Trick Shots (2:31) Watch
Interview Nightmare - Bob Newhart (6:22) Watch
Pöpcørn - Recipes with The Swedish Chef (The Muppets) (3:38) Watch
Marble Music Machine - Wintergatan (4:32) Watch
Ode to Joy - Flash Mob in Spain (5:4) Watch
Tom Burgoon Magic Comedy Show (8:33) Watch
Old People Traffic Jam Prank (1:47) Watch
Hero - Cover by Nathan and Eva Leach (3:26) Watch
Uncle Drew Hustles Some Young Basketball Players (4:58) Watch
Mac King (Comic Magician) on David Letterman (5:47) Watch
Every Breath You Take - Vocal Sampling (4:04) Watch
The Driving Instructor - Dean Martin and Bob Newhart (6:48) Watch
David Tolley's (Pianist) Spontaneous Appearance on The Tonight Show (5:06) Watch
Marie and Ronny Got Married - The Surprise (4:5) Watch
Leadership Jargon - Micah Tyler (2:12) Watch
I Knew You Did Missions - Micah Tyler (1:25) Watch
You've Gotta Love Millennials - Micah Tyler (2:57) Watch
2014 NFL Bad Lip Reading (3:46) Watch
Scottish Supposed-Cops Helium Trick (0:37) Watch
High Speed Police Chase in Georgia (15) Watch
World's Smallest Horse - Newhart (6:57) Watch
Nine Year-Old Plays Banjo Like a Pro (4:23) Watch
Carrot Clarinet (3:01) Watch
Cell Phone Crashing in an Airport (3:12) Watch
Copper Clappers Caper (2:48) Watch
Yo Yo Champion (3:41) Watch
Conference Call in Real Life (4:04) Watch
The Dentist - Tim Conway (2:59) Watch
Get Service (4:24) Watch
Hey There Delilah (4:2) Watch
Get Closer (1:3) Watch
Through The Decades - Worship Parody (12:18) Watch
Sheep-lights on the Hills (2:45) Watch
Mouse Trap Survivor Cheese Commercial (1:29) Watch
Turbo Encabulator (3:53) Watch
Special Stethoscope (2:2) Watch
Creepy Weather Cam Spider (0:49) Watch
What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? (5:33) Watch
Amish IT Guy (2:58) Watch
Tale of Two Brains - Men's and Women's (5:1) Watch
Tim Lovelace and Friends (6:38) Watch
Stutter Song (5:12) Watch
Don't Sit in My Pew (3:3) Watch
I'll Fly Away - Backwards (6:46) Watch
Dog and Elephant Friends (3:2) Watch
Photoshop at the Bus Stop (2:25) Watch
Money Under the Tire - Dave Allen Sketch (2:45) Watch
The Parent Rap (3:2) Watch
Johnny Carson Reads Letters from 3rd Graders (3:3) Watch
Nothing But the Blood (4:46) Watch
Bizarre Border Between Canada and the USA (5:26) Watch
How Great Thou Art! (5:36) Watch
It's Not About the Nail (1:42) Watch
Ten More Tricks to Impress Your Friends (3:03) Watch
Ten Tricks to Impress Your Friends (3:3) Watch
How Great is our God - World Edition (6:16) Watch
Shine - Psalm 67 (7:28) Watch
Gospel Choir Incognito (5:13) Watch
Have You Ever? (2:5) Watch
Pfft You Were Gone - Hee Haw (3:27) Watch
Rindercella by Archie Campbell (3:19) Watch
Gloom and Despair 2 - Hee Haw (1:12) Watch
Gloom and Despair 1 - Hee Haw (1:11) Watch
People Are Awesome - 2012 Sports (4:54) Watch
Anamorphic Optical Illusions 2 (1:55) Watch
14 Year Old Basketball Superstar (2:35) Watch
Man Walks on Water (3:23) Watch
Anamorphic Optical Illusions (1:3) Watch
Ban This Song (2:59) Watch
Puzzling Puzzle Prank (2) Watch
Juggling Comedian (6:07) Watch
A Better Place (4:33) Watch
Four Lazy Brass Players - One Multi-Tasker (7:33) Watch
Amazing Mind Reading Trick (2:29) Watch
Facebook Song (2:52) Watch
Nilla Wafer Top Hat Song (2:51) Watch
Orange Soccer Balls Rhapsody (5:4) Watch
Jimmy Fallon Does Impersonations (5:09) Watch
Comedy Magic - "Men in Coats" (5:57) Watch
Resonant Chamber - Animusic (4:28) Watch
We Three Kings - PianoCello (3:52) Watch
Little Drummer Boy (3:58) Watch
Social Network Christmas (3:59) Watch
Welcome to Earth - Universal Timelapse (4) Watch
Welcome Back - Heathrow Airport (3:06) Watch
Manslater - Woman Language Translator (2:52) Watch
Black Hole in the Office Safe (2:49) Watch
Do Everything - Steven Curtis Chapman (3:42) Watch
Medieval Helpdesk (2:46) Watch
Dilbert - The Engineers Knack (1:02) Watch
Swiss Drum Show (5:53) Watch
Pipe Dream Percussions - Animusic (3:28) Watch
Flash Mob - Hallelujah Chorus in Food Court (4:57) Watch
Actual Church Signs - 1 (4:35) Watch
Star Wars Four-Part Tribute Medley (4:1) Watch
Amazing Slide into Kiddie Pool (0:45) Watch
Soldier's Deck of Cards (3:14) Watch
Orange Blossom Special - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (5:47) Watch
Do You Speak English? (1:28) Watch
Power of Words (1:48) Watch
Over the Rainbow - PianoCello (4) Watch
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - by IZ (3:27) Watch
What a Wonderful World (3:41) Watch
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay (4:14) Watch
Burger Makeup Artist (2:59) Watch
Five Minute University (3:58) Watch
Planet Earth Compilation (4:41) Watch
Soup Is Too Salty (2) Watch
People Are Awesome - Extreme Feats (4:43) Watch
Funny Father-Daughter Wedding Dance (4:54) Watch
Shy Boy and Friend Shock the Audience (7:31) Watch
Bach is Back with Eight Cellos (3:59) Watch
Wife Song (2:11) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 3 (5:44) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 2 (7:02) Watch
Surfing USA - Muppets Style (1:58) Watch
Stand By Me - Muppets (1:43) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 1 (5:41) Watch
A Running Gag - Muppets Backstage (1:41) Watch
Shallow Small Groups (2:19) Watch
Evangelism Linebacker (3:56) Watch
Drive Thru Church (3:13) Watch
United Breaks Guitars - 1 (4:37) Watch
United Breaks Guitars - 2 (4:24) Watch
United Breaks Guitars - 3 (4:48) Watch
Mieders Alpine Coaster - No Brakes! (3:59) Watch
You Can Shine (4:03) Watch
Good, Bad, and the Ugly - Movie Parody (5:28) Watch
Mom Song (3:15) Watch
Sixteen Tons (3:04) Watch
Sweet Georgia Brown Tractor (4:56) Watch
Dumb Luck - Dumb Game Show Answers (2:41) Watch
People Do Amazing Things! (5:08) Watch
Plastic Buckets and Dogs (3:36) Watch
New Airline Rates (1:41) Watch
Classical Music by a Rolling Wood Ball (3:05) Watch
Frank (Dog) Sings "I Will Survive" (0:36) Watch
Cards in a Balloon Magic Trick (2:58) Watch
Marx Brothers Mirror Scene (2:46) Watch
Eating Giant Larva (2:08) Watch
Flashmob - I Love Lunch (2:26) Watch
Bass Player Gets a Sandwich (4:21) Watch
Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford (0:31) Watch
Quarterback Sneaky Play (0:27) Watch
Herding Cats (1:09) Watch
Flashmob - Do Re Mi in Antwerp Train Station (4:16) Watch
Bring Me Sunshine (5:33) Watch
Woman Cut in Half Inside a Clear Box (6:25) Watch
Beauty is Nothing Without Brains (0:39) Watch
Basketball vs. Frisbee Trick Shots (4:39) Watch
Worldwide Air Traffic (2:24) Watch
Air Traffic Over the USA (2:58) Watch
Einstein, the Amazing Parrot (3:15) Watch
Funny and Amazing Sports Moments (3:35) Watch
Bach on a "Glass Harp" (7:21) Watch
Planet Earth - Amazing Sights (13:18) Watch
Street Drummer (5:5) Watch
Man Chained-Sawed in Half (1:31) Watch
iPad-iPhone Band Christmas Music (7:23) Watch
Amazing Eleven Year Old Basketball Player (3:03) Watch
Women Parking (3:44) Watch
Who's on First? (8:03) Watch
Water Bed Prank in Furniture Store (3:4) Watch
Buddhist Monks Pepsi Commercial (1:01) Watch
Trunk Monkey Compilation (3:27) Watch
Audio Repair Scam (4:59) Watch
BBQ Song (3:26) Watch
It's Friday But Sunday's Coming (3:42) Watch
Rocky Top (2:58) Watch
Worship on the iPhone (4:06) Watch
I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger (2:04) Watch
Perfect Car for Women (0:12) Watch
Only Six Months to Live (1:14) Watch
Mind Mapping - Seven Laws (3:39) Watch
Trick Shot Quarterback (4:5) Watch
I Just Texted to Say I Love You (3:36) Watch
Health Care Ain't What It Used to Be (2:51) Watch
Electric Guitar Canon Rock in D Major (5:23) Watch
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (4:03) Watch
Charlie Bit My Finger (0:56) Watch
Stop It! (6:16) Watch
Bird for Christmas Dinner (1:2) Watch
Best Baseball Catch Ever (0:39) Watch
Policeman's License Plate Prank (1:36) Watch
Code Name Vivaldi (4:09) Watch
Charlie Brown Medley (3:27) Watch
Coldplay - Paradise African Style (4:56) Watch
Pretty Pink Tractor (4) Watch
Cletus Take the Reel (2:2) Watch
Rockelbel's Canon (6:01) Watch
Can't Help Falling in Love (4:26) Watch
Me and My Cello - Happy Together (3:22) Watch
Beethoven's Five Secrets - OneRepublic (5:32) Watch
Cello Wars (4:1) Watch
Classical Music in the Key of Comedy (6:2) Watch
Atheists Don't Have No Songs (3:46) Watch
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Music Performance Only (5:07) Watch
Chris Bliss Juggles (4:27) Watch
Original Chick-fil-A Song (1:37) Watch
New Chick-fil-A Song (2:42) Watch
The Government Can (3:04) Watch

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