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12 Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

Equipped Congregation: Arming Them with Appropriate Training & Resources: 5th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

“Training: The Foundation for Success in Combat” – That’s what our military leaders think about the importance of training. They would never send their personnel into battle without proper training and the best available resources. But how well do we equip our church members for spiritual warfare—particularly the battle to rescue lost souls? Here are some keys for effectively equipping Christians for Great Commission ministry in the 21st Century.

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Good Soil Training Energizes Togo Ministry Partner

When Germain Fayosseh came to ABWE headquarters for the Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship (GSED) seminar and trainer certification in May of 2018, his enthusiasm was contagious. Dr. Sharon Rahilly, the director of ABWE’s nursing schools in Togo, had encouraged and provided for him to come and he was overflowing with joy and thankfulness. “The opportunity of a lifetime,” he told us. “This is exactly what I need for my ministry of evangelism and training and equipping church leaders, nursing students, and other believers back in Togo.” Even though English is not his first language, he listened and participated fully, and left with as many French copies of The Story of Hope that weight restrictions for his suitcase permitted...

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Good Soil Plays Key Role in Planting and Growing a Colombian Church

“I’m Catholic and not interested in a new church or religion.” Jose had come to the Saturday night Bible study to get his friend, who would not quit inviting him, off his back. He wanted Dan Mee, the missionary leading the study, to know that this was a one-time thing. Dan warmly welcomed him and handed him a copy of The Story of Hope, praying that the study of God’s Word would have an impact on his life.

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12 Essentials for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

Local Focus: Bloom Where Your Church is Planted: 4th Essential for a Truly Evangelistic Church

A local church must not jump over the “Jerusalem” of Acts 1:8 and salve its congregational conscience by only supporting foreign missions. A church’s first and foremost responsibility is to “bloom where it was planted.” Did you ever stop and think, “Why was my church planted where it was planted?”

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