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How to Introduce Someone to Christ: Easter Edition

As Christians, we are all called to be evangelists and to share the good news of salvation with our family, friends, and coworkers. The Easter season is the ideal time since the resurrection is the foundation of our faith. Learn how can you explain the meaning of Easter to a non-believer!

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6 Creative Ways to Teach the Resurrection to Children

Wondering how you can you teach the resurrection to kids in a fun and creative way this Easter season? After all, the meaning of Easter is an important part of passing along the Christian faith. We've listed out some engaging activities to help you successfully teach the resurrection to children while incorporating the foundation of Christian faith!

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Worldview “Noisy” Neighborhoods

In the North America “Leave it to Beaver” world of the 1950s, it was just assumed that all the neighbors were church-going folks who took their kids to Sunday school where they were taught Bible stories and memorized the ten commandments and the Golden Rule. While that was an unrealistic portrayal of American family life even for that time, today we might feel fortunate just to have one other Bible-believing Christian in our neighborhood. In a previous article, the issue of “worldview noise”...

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Hope, Even in Hospice

A Grandmother Shares God’s Story of Hope as She Faces Death - As I’m currently in hospice care, it is vitally important to me that my grandchildren, other family members and friends, and hospice care workers know about heaven and how to go there. Here’s my story:

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