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What is Good Soil E&D

Three Greek Verbs Define “Good Soil” Evangelism and Discipleship

​The “parable of the sower” might be better called “the parable of the soils.” After all, the different qualities of the soils are the focus of the parable. A wide variety of opinions are held regarding the four types of soil in the parable. For example: Do they all represent true believers? Or, do some of the soils represent true believers and others represent unbelievers? Nothing in the texts or the contexts answers those questions definitively. But one point of interpretation is beyond dispute—the “good soil” certainly represents a true fruit-bearing believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. But, how do we do evangelism and discipleship in a way that produces “Good Soil believers”?

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Lea's Story and The Story of Hope

"Lea, how long have you been attending our church?” missionary Steve Deal asked. "Since Lesson 7," came the reply from this young mother of a three-year-old girl. She was referring to "The Story of Hope" lessons which Mitch has been teaching.

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Good Soil Questions What is Good Soil E&D

Biblically - What "Drives" Good Soil?

A visual model that illustrates how Good Soil E&D training and resources are related to core Biblical concepts.

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How-to Help What is Good Soil E&D

Do We Really Believe in Evangelism and Discipleship?

While many pastors and leaders would say that evangelism and discipleship are indispensable in the church, few could articulate their plan for the same. In the introduction to this blog series, the author reveals the truths that many have never been discipled and most aren’t involved in evangelism and discipleship, as he begins his call for a change.

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