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Initial Contact or Relational Evangelism—or Both?

How quickly should we encourage an unbeliever to make a faith response to trust Jesus as Savior? In our initial evangelistic contact with this person? Or, should we wait until we have had multiple opportunities to explain truths related to the gospel? The Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Scale can help us answer these questions in a way that we can be relatively confident that we are planting God’s Word in “good soil.”

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Lea’s Story and The Story of Hope | Part 2

Lea, a former Catholic, was saved in a local church plant in The Philippines after hearing "The Story of Hope" (the Gospel Story from Genesis to Revelation). Mitch, a member of the church invited her to attend TSOH Bible teaching during Sunday School. She was excited to return to her hometown three hours away and share her faith with her devout Roman Catholic husband and mother. She was given a Bible and her own copy of “The Story of Hope." Lea even started a kid’s outreach in her hometown where she taught one “Story of Hope” lesson each Sunday.

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Gospel Receptivity – From Closed to Open

A lot of people who understand the gospel of Jesus Christ are not receptive to it—not open to embracing it. And many who do not understand the gospel clearly are very receptive to it—are eager to know more, with an openness to possibly embracing it. Only God knows the human heart. But if we had a “tool” to help us assess where an unbeliever is in his or her receptivity to the gospel, as well as understanding of it, that could be a very valuable instrument to use in personal evangelism. The Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Scale was created to be that kind of tool. The Good Soil Scale is two-dimensional. The vertical dimension addresses understanding. The horizontal dimension addresses receptivity.

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Good Soil Questions What is Good Soil E&D

How To Assess A Non-Christian's Worldview

How clearly and completely do they understand the gospel of Jesus Christ? Only God knows for sure where an unbeliever is in his/her understanding of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. But as we share the good news of His salvation with unbelievers, it is important that we try to assess how much they know about the true God of the Bible and the salvation He has provided through His Son. “All models are wrong. But some models are useful.” -Statistician George Box The “Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Scale” is only a model, but many Christians have found it to be useful in assessing the gospel-understanding levels of people with whom they are sharing the gospel.

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