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Bringing Light to the darkness

Haiti is a land where so many are blinded by false and dark religions such as voodoo or distortions of Christianity. Good Soil trainer Fred Seiferth recently traveled there with Pastor Mike Vauters to lead a Good Soil seminar for 45 Haitian pastors. These pastors were extremely hungry to learn how to teach God's Word in a way that makes sense, to bring people out of spiritual darkness and into the light! Seeing how God's plan for salvation through Jesus Christ is woven throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, was invigorating to them.

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A Life Story from Chesapeake Virginia

For the past several years I have been praying about starting a Bible study at the Union Mission using The Story Of Hope materials, but couldn’t figure out how to accomplish this since the men are typically at the mission for only 30 days. After meeting with the Chaplain, he was very receptive to the idea of using The Story Of Hope materials during the Bible studies that were already occurring.

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A Life Story from Spain

From the beginning, my parents have always always helped me to walk my first steps in the Roman Catholic faith, memorizing the prayers and having communication with God. Truthfully, I have always felt like a child of God, mostly because I was the daughter of two teachers of the Roman Catholic religion and the granddaughter of a Roman Catholic priest. For this reason, I always thought that I was sure I was going to heaven.

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Ee-Taow - The Mouk Story

In 1983 Mark and Gloria Zook began their ministries among the Mouk people of Papua New Guinea. After patiently teaching the Word of God to the Mouk people, chronologically from Creation to Christ, many of them placed their faith in Jesus and proclaimed, "Ee-Taow!" "Ee-Taow!" ("It is true--it is good!).

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