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A Life Story from Saigon

​How do you share the gospel with someone who doesn't even know what a Bible is? Steve Deal, missionary and founder of Asian Children's Foundation, Inc., has been able to use the resources he learned about, while attending a Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship seminar, to share the gospel message with people he meets, to the praise and glory of God!

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Using the Story of Hope in a Togo Village

In a small village in Togo, Africa, three missionaries have been burdened to see the villagers come to know the Lord as their personal Savior. On Sunday afternoons, these three missionaries would visit the village to lead Bible studies. The gentleman would meet with the adults and use The Story of Hope to lead a Bible study, teaching from Genesis through Revelation (covering 20 Old Testament and 20 New Testament key events, all pointing to God’s great redemption plan through Jesus Christ).

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The Roots of Faith Goes to the Philippines

Joseph Blasko and his wife, Bangee, teach at a Christian School is Greater Manila. God has gifted them and is using them greatly at the school. About a year ago they participated in a Good Soil Seminar led by Ariel Abadiano, Good Soil Director for the Philippines. That's when God began to use them in other ways.

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ChronoBridge Cards Come in Handy

From a Good Soil friend: “I bought the Chronological Bridge to Life cards for myself and my two daughters. Little did I know just how handy and wonderful those cards would be! Every morning we give a young man a ride to school. One day I pulled out the ChronoBridge cards and told them to have a look. I suddenly realized that I had never asked this young chap if he was saved! When I did, he asked, “What does it mean to be saved?”

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