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Good Soil Training and Resource Catalog

This downloadable PDF catalog is a quick reference to the many resources offered here at Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship.

The Story of Hope - English Version

A time-flexible (contractible and expandable) resource for presenting the Bible’s big redemptive story in as few as fifteen minutes or as long as twenty or more hours. Designed for evangelistic Bible studies, one-on-one or in small groups, but also helpful in teaching God’s redemptive plan to believers.  Includes a study of 40 Bible events (20 Old Testament and 20 New Testament) and Bible maps.

The Way to Joy - English Version

A leader-guided foundational Bible study booklet, intended primarily for use as an evangelistic follow-up discipleship study. Its primary intended use is for one-on-one discipleship sessions. However, it can also be used in small group contexts or as a study booklet for new converts classes.  It includes ten lessons and a set of Bible memory cards to use in connection with the lessons.                                

Gaining Ground with Good Soil

Gaining Ground With Good Soil: An Evangelism and Discipleship Training Narrative is a scaled-down version of the Good Soil E & D seminar in a narrative format. Not only will the reader learn the Good Soil E & D principles, he may also be motivated to take the training to learn more.

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Good Soil Stories

Javier Returns Home to Mexico With Hope

Mexico—Javier came to the USA with a dream of finding a good job to provide for his wife and children in Mexico. But when he gets saved through studying The Story of Hope, he returns to Mexico to win his family to Jesus Christ.
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Good Soil Training for Students and Young Professionals in Asia

Large Asian City—Students and young professionals in a large Asian city are being trained to share their faith using the Good Soil seminar material and The Story of Hope. The original two classes of ten students have now grown to two more classes with others eagerly waiting to be trained.
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Using the ChronoBridge in a Togo Village

Togo--West Africa—Yesterday, I used the Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge), from the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship resources, to share the Gospel in a group setting. We were in a village in the bush here in Togo called Tagbolo-Kopé, an animist village where our small church is the only church.
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