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The Story of Hope Journey in Germany

From a German pastor: "Translating 'The Story of Hope' is a personal project we have taken to help bring God's Word to Germany. We had the chance to use it for the first time in a German church recently. Considering the size of the church, we were expecting between 10-20 people who may be interested to follow TSOH throughout the entire program. God far exceeded our expectations, and we had an average of 44 people attend.

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Javier Returns Home to Mexico With Hope

MEXICO—Javier came to the USA with a dream of finding a good job to provide for his wife and children in Mexico. But when he gets saved through studying The Story of Hope, he returns to Mexico to win his family to Jesus Christ.

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Good Soil Training for Students and Young Professionals in Asia

LARGE ASIAN CITY—Students and young professionals in a large Asian city are being trained to share their faith using the Good Soil seminar material and The Story of Hope. The original two classes of ten students have now grown to two more classes with others eagerly waiting to be trained.

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Using the ChronoBridge in a Togo Village

TOGO--WEST AFRICA—Yesterday, I used the Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge), from the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship resources, to share the Gospel in a group setting. We were in a village in the bush here in Togo called Tagbolo-Kopé, an animist village where our small church is the only church.

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