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Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship daf dee dimbale taalibey Al-Maasi Esaa (Yeesu Kirista) ngir ñu jàngale xibaari yaakaar ci àdduna su fees ak ay diine yu bari ak ay aada.  Dañu dee defar ay téeré (buk) yu jëm ci mbiri Kàddug Yàlla, ngir tas xibaar bu baax bi ak it jàngal taalibey Esaa (Yeesu) yu ees yi naka lañu mën a sax bu baax ci seen ngëm.  Turi “Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship” dañu ko jëlee ci “Léebu Beykat bi” ñoo jànga ci Injiil bu Sella bi.  Jiwu wi mooy Xibaar bu Baax bi.  Waaye lan la Esaa (Yeesu) waxoon ci mbiri suuf su baax si nak? Xaaji Injiil yi ñoo wax Macë ak Mark ak Luug jëfoo nañu ñetti baat yu uute ngir faramfanceel suuf su baax sóosu.

Naka laa mën a dimbale nit ñi ndég ñu dégga Xibaar bu Baax bi te nangu ko?

Wolof yu gën a bari mësuñoo jànga dara ci mbiri Téeré Bu Sella bi (Biibël bi) wala li taalibey Esaa Al-Maasi gëm. Kon seen àdda ak diine dina tax duñu gaaw a xam ay kàddu yu bari yi nekka ci Téeré bi. Kon foog ñu tàmbale ci njélbéen ga di jànga ci mbiri xew-xew yi ñu gis ci Téeré bu Sella bi. Suñu leen jàngee benna-benna, balaa ñoo pare, dinañu xam Xibaar bu Baax bi be mën koo nangu. 

The Message of Hope is a chronological, evangelistic Bible study of 40 redemptive events (20 old testament and 20 new testament) strategically chosen to address Muslim worldview and culture. Adapted from The Story of Hope, it incorporates the same flexibility of design to teach God's redemptive plan and is a time-flexible (contractible and expandable) resource allowing one to present the Bible's big redemptive story in as few as fifteen minutes or as long as twenty or more hours.

The Folk / Popular Islam version has pictures visualizing each event along with Bible maps.

Xibaari Yaakaar ngir Xale yi

The Story of Hope Kids: Discovering the Provision in God's Plan, with new plastic coil binding, is a full color adaptation of the adult-level book. It is visually designed and language level adapted for kids, ages 8-12. The Story of Hope Kids contains the same core content as the adult-level version: 40 key event-lessons for teaching and learning the Bible's big redemptive story and the Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge).  A full page is dedicated to each of the 40 Bible event-lessons, allowing space for kids to write down the answers to the questions. This 64 page workbook also includes fun Bible map learning activities.

The Story of Hope Kids is designed for kids to read and work through by themselves. But this is also a Bible teaching resource that parents and ministry workers may want to use to lead children through (especially with younger children or children with lower-level reading skills). The study of God's redemptive plan and the ChronoBridge are designed to teach/clarify the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and lead them to a personal faith response or to clarify a faith response they may have made previously.

64 Full Color Pages; Coil Bound

Wolof Cond Cover

Xibaari Yaakaar… ci lu gàtta 

This pocket-sized 20 event version of The Message of Hope includes full color images of the following 20 Bible events: The Eternal God; Creation of the Universe; Creation of Mankind; Fall of a Powerful Angel; Beginning of Human Sin; Origin of Death; Promise of a Satan Conqueror; Provision of Coverings; Temporary Substitutes; Promises of a Savior; Birth of Jesus, the Savior; Behold the Lamb of God; Encounter with a Religious Leader; Jesus' Claims of Oneness with God; Suffering for Our Sins; A Guilty Man Forgiven; From Death to Life; Ascension to Heaven; Great White Throne Judgment; Paradise Restored. In addition to the condensed story, a corresponding scripture verse(s) is listed with each event.

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