Comebacker Videos

We use these “comebacker” videos in our seminars, usually as people are returning to the room after a break. They are all from YouTube. We try to select only “safe” videos – clean and appropriate for general use with other Christians. But a perception of what is “safe” sometimes differs from person to person. So please check to be sure that any video you choose is “safe” for you and your audience before you present it. Also, please understand that we have no control over the pop-up ads that appear. We suggest that you “x” (close) them when they pop-up.

The Phantom of the Opera - Prague Cello Quartet (4:12) Watch
Happy Dance - In the Covid-19 Lock-In Era (3:01) Watch
Lean on Me - Playing for Change (4:33) Watch
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Ted Yoder (3:32) Watch
Ghost Riders in the Sky - Glen Campbell & Roy Clark (2:36) Watch
You Raise Me Up - Featuring Peter Hollens (4:08) Watch
Five Year Old Sings Sinatra Classic (2:19) Watch
Happy Together (2:16) Watch
Happy Dance - by MercyMe (3:33) Watch
Unchained Melody - Orchestral Version (4:18) Watch
Awesome Yodeling - 12 Year Old Yodel Expert (2:25) Watch
Carol of the Bells - by Pentatonix (4:1) Watch
Disney Love Medley (5:04) Watch
Marble Music Machine - Wintergatan (4:32) Watch
Ode to Joy - Flash Mob in Spain (5:4) Watch
Hero - Cover by Nathan and Eva Leach (3:26) Watch
Every Breath You Take - Vocal Sampling (4:04) Watch
David Tolley's (Pianist) Spontaneous Appearance on The Tonight Show (5:06) Watch
Nine Year-Old Plays Banjo Like a Pro (4:23) Watch
Carrot Clarinet (3:01) Watch
Special Stethoscope (2:2) Watch
Gospel Choir Incognito (5:13) Watch
A Better Place (4:33) Watch
Resonant Chamber - Animusic (4:28) Watch
We Three Kings - PianoCello (3:52) Watch
Little Drummer Boy (3:58) Watch
Welcome Back - Heathrow Airport (3:06) Watch
Swiss Drum Show (5:53) Watch
Pipe Dream Percussions - Animusic (3:28) Watch
Flash Mob - Hallelujah Chorus in Food Court (4:57) Watch
Star Wars Four-Part Tribute Medley (4:1) Watch
Orange Blossom Special - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (5:47) Watch
Over the Rainbow - PianoCello (4) Watch
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - by IZ (3:27) Watch
What a Wonderful World (3:41) Watch
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay (4:14) Watch
Shy Boy and Friend Shock the Audience (7:31) Watch
Bach is Back with Eight Cellos (3:59) Watch
You Can Shine (4:03) Watch
Good, Bad, and the Ugly - Movie Parody (5:28) Watch
Sixteen Tons (3:04) Watch
Classical Music by a Rolling Wood Ball (3:05) Watch
Flashmob - I Love Lunch (2:26) Watch
Flashmob - Do Re Mi in Antwerp Train Station (4:16) Watch
Bach on a "Glass Harp" (7:21) Watch
Street Drummer (5:5) Watch
iPad-iPhone Band Christmas Music (7:23) Watch
Rocky Top (2:58) Watch
Worship on the iPhone (4:06) Watch
Electric Guitar Canon Rock in D Major (5:23) Watch
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (4:03) Watch

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