Comebacker Videos

We use these “comebacker” videos in our seminars, usually as people are returning to the room after a break. They are all from YouTube. We try to select only “safe” videos – clean and appropriate for general use with other Christians. But a perception of what is “safe” sometimes differs from person to person. So please check to be sure that any video you choose is “safe” for you and your audience before you present it. Also, please understand that we have no control over the pop-up ads that appear. We suggest that you “x” (close) them when they pop-up.

How to Download
The Elevator (3:37) Watch
I'm Not a Doctor from The Carol Burnett Show (4:27) Watch
Gen Z Bible Translation (3:14) Watch
Watch Photobombing 101 (3:5) Watch
Overdue Military Letters (4:45) Watch
The Overly Complicated Coffee Order (2:39) Watch
If Your Parents' Lies Were True (3:12) Watch
The Reality of Teachers Talking to Parents on the Phone (3:2) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 1 (4:34) Watch
Funny British Animal Voice Overs, Part 2 (4:27) Watch
I Am A Pilot - The Smothers Brothers (7:06) Watch
Dishonorable Discharge (5:1) Watch
Roy's Food Repair (7:12) Watch
Flowers on the Wall Song - With Beaker and Bunsen (2:12) Watch
Pork and Beans Funeral (5:47) Watch
At the Dentist | Mr. Bean (4:57) Watch
Toupee Skit - Dean Martin and Bob Newhart (4:53) Watch
Millennial Missionaries (2:49) Watch
We All Want to Share Our Faith Effectively (3:36) Watch
Fainting Goats! | National Geographic (3:43) Watch
Medieval Helpdesk (2:44) Watch
Seven Languages Translator (2:37) Watch
Dorf the Basketball Player (3:51) Watch
Interview Nightmare - Bob Newhart (6:22) Watch
Old People Traffic Jam Prank (1:47) Watch
The Driving Instructor - Dean Martin and Bob Newhart (6:48) Watch
Three Stooges - Hot Dog and Cats Meal (5:47) Watch
2014 NFL Bad Lip Reading (3:46) Watch
Scottish Supposed-Cops Helium Trick (0:37) Watch
World's Smallest Horse - Newhart (6:57) Watch
Copper Clappers Caper (2:48) Watch
The Dentist - Tim Conway (2:59) Watch
Amish IT Guy (2:58) Watch
Tale of Two Brains - Men's and Women's (5:1) Watch
Money Under the Tire - Dave Allen Sketch (2:45) Watch
Johnny Carson Reads Letters from 3rd Graders (3:3) Watch
Pfft You Were Gone - Hee Haw (3:27) Watch
Rindercella by Archie Campbell (3:19) Watch
Best of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld (3:58) Watch
Jimmy Fallon Does Impersonations (5:09) Watch
Comedy Magic - "Men in Coats" (5:57) Watch
Manslater - Woman Language Translator (2:52) Watch
Black Hole in the Office Safe (2:49) Watch
Medieval Helpdesk (2:46) Watch
Dilbert - The Engineers Knack (1:02) Watch
Do You Speak English? (1:28) Watch
Five Minute University (3:58) Watch
Soup Is Too Salty (2) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 3 (5:44) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 2 (7:02) Watch
Statler and Waldorf Sketches 1 (5:41) Watch
A Running Gag - Muppets Backstage (1:41) Watch
Marx Brothers Mirror Scene (2:46) Watch
Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford (0:31) Watch
Beauty is Nothing Without Brains (0:39) Watch
Who's on First? (8:03) Watch
Water Bed Prank in Furniture Store (3:4) Watch
Buddhist Monks Pepsi Commercial (1:01) Watch
Trunk Monkey Compilation (3:27) Watch
Audio Repair Scam (4:59) Watch
I Would Like to Buy a Hamburger (2:04) Watch
Only Six Months to Live (1:14) Watch
Stop It! (6:16) Watch

How can you download these video files so that viewing them is not dependent on Internet access?

  1. Download a YouTube video downloader-converter such as YTD.
  2. Find the video on YouTube (all of our Comebackers are there). The easiest way to do this is to click on the link to play the video on YouTube in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player when the video is playing.
  3. Follow the instructions in the video downloader-converter.

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