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Peer Accountability: "One Anothering" to Keep Believers Mission-Focused 8th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

We all have important tasks that we (1) fear, or (2) dread, or (3) just don’t prioritize as highly as we should. Consequently, we often fail to do them. For many of us who are Christians, witnessing to people whom we know need Jesus is probably on this list. That’s why many, if not most, evangelical churches “talk the talk” of the Great Commission, but don’t “walk the walk,” at least on the local level. Good news: There is a “Game Changer” that is simple and effective. Read on. 

Congregational Warmth: Developing a Culture of Authentic Hospitality 7th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

“Alien tissue rejection”— I first learned about the tendency for the human body to reject a transplanted organ when one of my best friends had a heart transplant. The body recognizes the transplanted tissue as foreign and mounts an immune response to reject it. Many congregations respond in a similar way to visitors, to varying degrees. Some of us have experienced that "you don't belong here" feeling when we have visited churches. A church that doesn’t warmly “embrace” its visitors – can’t be TRULY evangelistic. Learn about “Five Congregational Temperatures” and how to set your church’s “thermostat” at the best setting to make new attenders feel at home and want to come back. 

Basic Discipleship: Holding New Believers' Hands Through First Steps 6th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

If you are a parent, you know how exciting is to see your baby take his or her first steps. Inevitably there are going to be some stumbles along the way, but first steps indicate that your child is maturing properly. One crucial step in learning to walk is the “hand holding” stage, in which parents provide physical support and balance, protection from falls, and the encouragement that helps the child gain the skills and confidence needed to walk alone. If your church doesn’t provide “first steps” hand-holding with baby Christians, it’s likely that many or most of them will stumble right out the back door. 

Equipped Congregation: Arming Them with Appropriate Training & Resources 5th Essential for a TRULY Evangelistic Church

“Training: The Foundation for Success in Combat” – That’s what our military leaders think about the importance of training. They would never send their personnel into battle without proper training and the best available resources. But how well do we equip our church members for spiritual warfare—particularly the battle to rescue lost souls? Here are some keys for effectively equipping Christians for Great Commission ministry in the 21st Century. 

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