Translations of Good Soil E&D Resources

ABWE missionaries minister worldwide in more than 50 languages.  In order to provide ministry resources for these and other missionaries, as well as national believers, the translation challenges seem daunting from the standpoint of logistics and funding.  But by faith our goal is to translate and publish The Story of Hope (TSOH) and The Way to Joy (TWTJ) in all of these languages.

Would you be willing to sponsor one of these translation/publication projects?

We also welcome the opportunity to partner with other evangelical missionary agencies or national leaders in translation and publication projects involving The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy

For more information, contact Wayne Haston ( or 717-909-2397).

Policies & Procedures

Translations of The Way to Joy and The Story of Hope are completed in the following three steps:

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three

Translation of the Text

The English texts of The Way to Joy and The Story of Hope are now available for approved translation teams. Before we issue a copy of the text for either or both of these books, we ask that…

  1. A dependable Project Coordinator, with whom we in ABWE's Center for Excellence in International Ministries (CEIM) can communicate, must be appointed to lead the project(s).
  2. A translation team must be organized consisting of at least four capable mother-tongue (for the target language group) speakers, one of whom would be the translator. A qualified and CEIM-approved theology expert should be part of the team. In most cases this would be the Project Coordinator.
  3. A thorough system for checking and rechecking (and etc.) the translation must be established in order to assure that the translation is…
    • Linguistically accurate.
    • Clearly and smoothly readable for various levels of literate adults of the target culture.
    • Typographically error-free.
  4. At least a preliminary plan for funding, printing, and distribution should be in the development stages.

Input the Text Into Adobe InDesign Files

For this step, the translation team will need (1) a copy of the current version of Adobe InDesign and (2) a person who is capable of inserting the translated text into the InDesign files for The Story of Hope and/or The Way to Joy. Adobe InDesign can be purchased through ABWE for about $200.

  1. When the translation process is complete, according to the procedures mentioned above, CEIM will send a translation kit which includes (among other things) a copy of the InDesign files for The Story of Hope and/or The Way to Joy.
  2. The Project Coordinator and other members of the translation team will work with the team’s InDesign user to assure that the translated text is accurately input into the files.
  3. When the team is confident that the translated text is properly input into TSOH and/or TWTJ InDesign files, printed copies should be made for further proof-reading and possible InDesign adjustments. A printed proof-copy must also be sent to CEIM. Exactly how that should be done will need to be negotiated with CEIM at that time.
  4. After thorough and multi-perspective proofreading, when both the translation team and CEIM are satisfied that book is ready for printing, final approval from CEIM will be granted.

Printing and Distribution

  1. Funds for printing and distribution must be supplied or raised by regional, country, or field teams. CEIM raised the funds for the original development and design of these books, including all of the art work. Unfortunately, there are no ABWE or CEIM funds available for translation projects.
  2. The qualitative goal is to produce books that will appeal even to the professional class people (such as government officials, educators, doctors, etc.) in the target country/culture.
  3. The economic goal is to produce books that can be sold at prices that are affordable within the target culture (or plan to supplement some of the costs). For this to happen, printing (in most cases) will need to be done within the culture.
  4. Other than the North American edition of TSOH and TWTJ, these books will be published under the imprint of “Sow and Harvest International.”
  5. Two copies of the final printed book should be sent to CEIM.
Worldview Adaptations of
The Story of Hope and
The Way to Joy

We believe that the original edition of The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy are culturally neutral enough to work in many (but not all) cultural settings around the world. However, in order to address some religious worldview issues more effectively, we do plan to develop at least four editions of The Story of Hope and The Way To Joy that are specifically adapted for the following major non-Christian religious worldview cultures:

  • Buddhist
  • Chinese
  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Spiritist-Animist (tribal religions)

For more information, contact Wayne Haston ( or 717-909-2397).