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Javier Returns Home to Mexico With Hope

Mexico—Javier came to the USA with a dream of finding a good job to provide for his wife and children in Mexico. But when he gets saved through studying The Story of Hope, he returns to Mexico to win his family to Jesus Christ.
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Good Soil Training for Students and Young Professionals in Asia

Large Asian City—Students and young professionals in a large Asian city are being trained to share their faith using the Good Soil seminar material and The Story of Hope. The original two classes of ten students have now grown to two more classes with others eagerly waiting to be trained.
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Using the ChronoBridge in a Togo Village

Togo--West Africa—Yesterday, I used the Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge), from the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship resources, to share the Gospel in a group setting. We were in a village in the bush here in Togo called Tagbolo-Kopé, an animist village where our small church is the only church.
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They Wept When They Heard the Big Story

Asia--Papua New Guinea—Charlie Tumbiago used The Story of Hope teaching visuals in an evangelistic ministry in a local market in their Southern Highlands province.
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We Can’t Find Anyone to Teach Us the Bible.

Southeast Asia—"We can't find anyone to teach us the Bible," Naraa emailed her sister Saraa. Saraa was a Christian who helped translate the Mongolian Bible, and our friends, Entners, knew Saraa but had never met Naraa. Naraa never had time for Bible study in the capital city of Outer Mongolia, but now that they were 'alone' in Manila due to a job transfer, they wanted to take Saraa's advice to find someone to teach them the Bible, including someone to teach Bagaai, Naraa's husband, English.
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Evangelistic Bible Study in a Ukrainian Village

Ukraine—A car showed up at the clinic in New Kubanka from a village I had never heard of--Shamanovka. In Ukraine it is a big deal for villagers to travel between villages, having to hire a car. These people expressed such urgency in their request for me to go see some patients in their village who have no access to health care. They had heard about the free clinics from relatives.
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Now I Understand What “Born Again” Means!

Cameroon—Jeanne is a neighbor of mine who has a severely handicapped boy named David. She herself was also born with spina bifida. These conditions are difficult enough to deal with in the North American culture, but here in Africa these things are even more challenging.
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Costa Rican Police Officers

Costa Rica—In July of 2010 I embarked on a “police training agreement journey” with a group of 36 Costa Rican officers from five different police bases (Guadalupe, Moravia, Coronado, San Pedro and Curridabat). Every Tuesday we would meet for one hour to study The Story of Hope (TSOH), followed by three hours of tactical training.
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Venezuelan Educational Inspector

Venezuela—An inspector for the the Venezuelan Ministry of Education hears the gospel as presented by a Pemon Indian pastor using The Story of Hope.
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Lea Returns Home with The Story of Hope

Hong Kong - Philippines—Lea is a Filipino who lives in Hong Kong. In December of 2009, Lea returned to the Philippines to visit her family. She had gone to the Philippines in the summer, and tried to share the gospel with her family without any success. This time she did not go with the same plan to share the gospel, but she did bring her Story of Hope book that the church had been studying in Sunday School in Hong Kong.
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The Story of Hope Preaching Series

Colombia—As I was preaching through The Story of Hope events, on a recent Sunday event #37 (Jesus' Return for Believers) was presented. During the invitation one lady admitted that she was not ready if the rapture was to occur soon, and she trusted Christ as Savior that day.
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Marilene, Eva, and Paulo

Brazil—Laura and Lynell use The Story of Hope in their evangelism and discipleship ministries in Campo Grande, Brazil. Here are three "Good Soil" stories resulting from their ministries: Marilene, whom Lynell met in a mechanic's shop; Eva, who asked Laura to lead her through a Bible study; and Paulo, Eva's son (business man) who became convicted of his sins through a conversation with Laura in Eva's home.
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The Story of Hope in Family Evangelism

Brazil—Since taking the Good Soil training course in discipleship and evangelism at our church (New Life Baptist Community in Bauru, Brazil) in October, I had been praying that God would give me a chance to use what I had learned with people I meet.
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ChronoBridge Cards Come In Handy

South Africa—A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training seminar. While I was there, I bought the ChronoBridge (Chronological Bridge to Life) cards for myself and my two daughters.
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Finding Hope in His Final Days

USA—About a month ago, I received a phone call from a friend in our neighborhood whose name is Dave. I had been trying to build a redemptive relationship with Dave since we moved into the neighborhood, 16 months earlier.
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