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The Story of Hope Journey in Germany

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“The Story of Hope" is a project we have taken on as a personal project to bring to Germany since we were in the States the last time in 2012. We had the chance to use it for the first time as a tool in a church in Muensterland.

“The Story of Hope" was to be an outreach opportunity in the church's new building, and also a discipleship program. We hoped to encourage people to use this program personally in their outreach to other people. Considering the size of the church, we were expecting between 10-20 people who may be interested to follow TSOH throughout the entire program. God far exceeded our expectations, and we had an average of 44 people attend. On two of the evenings, our location got so crowded that we would have to relocate if more people would come. We were especially pleased to see that people of all age ranges, from young teens up to adults in their nineties were part of this TSOH Journey.

Towards the end of the Journey, we broke the large group down into smaller groups so people would speak more personally about the story. One lady let us know she was compelled to ask Jesus personally into her life during these evenings. She said she had been waiting years to make this decision.

A young girl wants to use the material with one of her unbelieving friends. Another couple who attended all evening sessions renewed their commitment as followers of Jesus Christ. Both of them made a decision to share their newly established walk with Christ through public baptism. This was a special gift from God for this wife, as she had been waiting for years for her husband to make a decision to be identified with Christ publicly.

To learn more about the materials used for "The Story of Hope Journey" in Germany, please visit our The Story of Hope resource page.

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